Ever wondered how are fondant cakes made? Here is a sneak peak

Moana theme fondant cake

Gazebo Restaurant theme fondant cake

Police theme fondant cake

Great Gatsby theme cake

Having seen our work, you might be wondering ‘How do they make all this?! Well, it needs artists with certain skill, experience and a lot of patience. A good designer cake takes at least a day to make. All the decoration on our cake is handmade. While a fondant cake is quite common now, not many have the precise detailing of 3D figures and the neat finish as in our cakes. In fact our 3d figures take more time than making the cake itself! Want to get an idea of what goes behind making these beautiful and stunning cakes? We have assembled a few videos for you.


Since we make only customised cakes and don’t repeat designs, we are working on something new every time. Guess what? it doesn’t always come out right in the first attempt. So we have to try out a couple of times, specially in the case of 3D human figures. Until we are completely satisfied with the end product, we don’t give up!