Regular Cakes

Bored of the same over-the-counter cakes available in every cake shop? After years of requests from our customers for non-fondant cakes, here is a Premium collection of our Chocolate and Vanilla cakes. As with our customised cakes, we make these only on order with the same quality ingredients. All cakes are eggless. Look no further for a  fresh and homemade Fresh cream or Chocolate cake in Pune.


None of our cakes contain any artificial flavor or essence. For instance, our Chocolate Coffee cake has brewed coffee and is a treat for coffee lovers. Chocolate Orange cake has orange fruit mixed with a rich chocolate ganache and is our best seller chocolate cake in Pune. The combination in each of these cakes is so unique and yumm, you will be left wanting for more! If you want a fusion of Chocolate and Vanilla worlds, our Vanilla Chocolate Truffle cake has the right balance.


Note: Our cakes are not overloaded with cream. Also since we make them fresh on order, they aren’t too moist or ‘juicy’ either(which happens with over-the-counter cakes in cake shops as they have lots of sugar syrup required for more shelf life).