Kids Birthday

Your kids favorite nursery rhyme, cartoon character, superhero, vehicle, princess etc. We can come up with a customised design based on any theme and make an adorable cake that would make your kids birthday even more special. If you are not finding a cake design for your theme on the internet, no worries. We have the skill and creativity to make a beautiful customised cake design based on your requirement. For instance, once we made a Shivaji Maharaj fort shaped cake for a kid born on Shivaji Jayanti and a Lord Krishna theme cake to welcome the arrival of a baby born on Janmashtami. We have also made several unqiue designs for 3D kids birthday cake in Pune. Besides the aesthetic look, the taste of our cakes is sure to impress kids and adults alike.


Our handmade fondant figures add to the beauty of our 3D kids birthday cake in Pune. A word of caution: our edible 3d figures are so beautiful and irresistible that kids would want to jump and grab a piece the moment they see the cake! Guess what? You can also preserve our edible 3D figures as a souvenir for atleast a year!! Remember to ask for instructions at the time of delivery/pickup.