Looking for a special cake for your company’s 1st anniversary? The same old cake from a local cake shop would be quite common and boring. We can design a customised cake based on your company’s logo, products, milestones etc. Fine Equipments Pvt. Ltd, Mindbowser, SQS, Avalara Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and many more. We have made several unique designs of corporate cake in Pune.


Our specialty is hand painted company logos and edible 3D figures of products. For instance, we made a 3D cake in the shape of a Corporate office along with edible figures of equipment for the 14th anniversary of company Fine Equipments pvt. ltd. Thus making the cake so unique that it impressed their company’s employees and clients as well. Our cake would be the center of attention at your company anniversary celebration. Whether it is for a project success party or new office opening, we can design a customised cake for any corporate function in Pune.


Guess what? You can also preserve our edible 3D figures as a souvenir for at least a year!! Remember to ask for instructions at the time of delivery/pickup.