Are you bored of the regular cakes seen in every cake shop? Impress your loved ones and make them feel special with our custom birthday cake in Pune. At Sweet Mantra, there is no catalog or limitation to themes and designs. The theme can be your loved one’s interests, passion, profession etc. Travel, TV shows, Foodie, Bike, Beer, Sports, Gadgets, Gym, Lazy or any theme! We will work with you to design an incredible birthday cake which your loved one will remember for ever.


Our specialty is 3D birthday cakes. Imagine a cake in the shape of hookah, biryani bowl, pizza, football, kitchen or even a bed! Not just that, we also add a personal touch to the designs. For instance, our bed shape cake is hand painted to resemble the actual bed sheet, blanket, pillows and even the side table. Our pizza shaped cake has the birthday boy/girl’s favorite toppings. Thus making a truly special and unique custom birthday cake for your loved ones in Pune.


You will be awestruck looking at the detailing in our cakes. Also not only do our cakes look beautiful, they taste equally yummy too. Guess what? You can also preserve our edible 3D figures as a souvenir for atleast a year!! Remember to ask for instructions at the time of delivery/pickup.