Note: We are closed on 9/9 and 10/9 for Ganesh Chaturthi.

Want to order the best designer birthday cake in Pune? Firstly, we request you to go through the below FAQs. Then send a whatsapp message to 7058714701(click here) and give us a couple of hours to respond. We will send you an enquiry form wherein you can fill out the order details. Availability, delivery, design, flavor, cost will then be discussed on chat. Our consultation timings: 10 am to 1 pm & 5 pm to 7 pm(Monday closed).



1. What are your rates?

Rates of our other desserts for a Dessert table can be shared upon request.

2. Do you have a catalog for theme cakes with pics n rates?

That would be so boring 🙂 As artists, we thrive on creativity and it is fun to create something new. Our customized cakes are made according to specific requirements and budget. Every person has his/her own hobbies, passion, interests etc. So we aim at creating a personalized design and hence it is unique.

3. I want to know the price of a theme cake on your website

Well, our theme cake designs are not repeated. We try to create something new every time. So there is no track of the size, weight, cost of designs that we have made over 7 years now. Every designer cake is customized according to requirements and budget.


1. Where is your shop located? When can I visit you?

We are home bakers based in Balewadi(Pune), don’t have a shop. Since every theme cake design is customized, there is no catalog ready with pics and rates and all cakes are made on order. Our entire ordering process happens on whatsapp. So meetings are for sample tasting only. Please see instructions at the top of this page.

2. How much in advance do I need to book the order?

At any point, inquiries for 2 months(current month and next month) are in progress. With limited capacity, we can make only 1 or 2 cakes in a day. Bookings are taken on a first come first serve basis. At times, some dates in current month are open but some in the next month are booked. So we don’t have a fixed timeline for advance booking. The sooner you contact us, the better.

3. Do you accept credit cards?

No. Available payment modes are: Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, UPI, Online account transfer, Cash.

4. I want to cancel the order due to an emergency

Sorry to hear that. We make limited cakes in a day. With advance booking, the time is blocked for those particular orders. This means we won’t be accepting any other orders for that day. So advance is non refundable.

5. I have a design from the net. Can you make it exactly like that along with some changes?

Well, this is art. All the decoration on the cake is handmade. Also a lot of the ingredients are imported from abroad. So nothing can be an exact 100% replica but the final outcome will be close to the design and also look good on its own. Yes, we can customize as you wish. Please go through our work on the website to get an idea of our style and capabilities.

6. Do you have cake stands?

Yes. Once the cake design is decided, we will show you the suitable options for Cake stand. These are rented out for the event. A refundable deposit may be applicable.

7. Do you provide candles, party decoration stuff?

Except for the cake cutting knife, we don’t provide any other accessories.


1. Do you make non-fondant theme cakes?

Yes, we make fresh cream cakes but the feasibility depends on the theme and design. Not every designer fondant cake design looks good in fresh cream. We don’t make buttercream, red velvet cakes.

2. Do you make regular chocolate/Vanila cakes, pastries

Please check our Premium cakes page for a range of Chocolate and Fresh cream cakes. We don’t make pastries.

3. Do you provide fondant toppers/flowers separately?

We don’t sell any of our sugar craft work separately.

4. Do you provide sugarfree/gluten-free/Vegan cakes?



1. Do you provide delivery all over Pune?

No. Delivery depends on the order and our availability on that day.

2. Do you provide midnight deliveries?

No. We would be half-asleep by then 😴

3. Can I pickup the cake on a bike?

Designer cakes need to be carried in an AC environment. Also some designs have delicate toppers. So we recommend car for picking them up.

Workshops, Job opportunities

1. Do you take workshops, classes for fondant cakes?

Yes. We have a fully hands-on basic fondant cake workshop for beginners. Please refer to the Workshops page for more details.

2. Can I work for you as a Cake Decorator? Do you offer internships?

Yes, we do lookout for Fondant cake decorators to join our team. Please send your resume to sweetmantrapune@gmail.com. We will contact you when a suitable position opens up.