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Custom/theme cake studio


 --> We don't repeat our designs. So every cake is unique - designed and customized for a specific occasion

 --> Delivery is not guaranteed for every order. It depends on the order and our availability on that day

 --> All discussions happen on whatsapp. Meetings are rare and by appointment only. So please call us before coming down

 --> For the latest schedule on classes/workshops, pls visit the Classes page on this website

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  Step 1: Send a Whatsapp message to Jatin(that guy in the below pic) on 7507390033

  Step 2: He will send you an enquiry form to be filled up on Whatsapp

  Step 3: Upon receiving the details, he will check our schedule for availability

  Step 4: If we are available, he will discuss the rates, booking procedure and terms with you. If not, he will inform you accordingly

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Sweet Mantra

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