Does your kid have a huge collection of superhero figures? How about a stunning Avengers theme birthday cake and your kid also gets to eat his favorite superhero? Our Avengers theme cake designs have edible figures of Hulk hand, Iron Man face, Captain America shield, Thor hammer etc. These handmade 3D figures are so good that kids just can’t resist grabbing a piece as soon as the cake is cut. We can design the perfect Avengers Superhero theme cake for your kids birthday in Pune.


Besides Marvel, we can design cakes with themes of DC superheroes too like Batman, Superman, Wonder woman etc. Tiered fondant cake designs with logos of Batman, Superman and Avengers Superhero Captain America look spectacular and work best for a Superhero theme kids birthday party in Pune. Guess what? You can also preserve our edible Superhero, weapons figures as a souvenir for atleast a year!! Remember to ask for instructions at the time of delivery/pickup.