Weed, Beer

Alcohol theme cakes have been around for quite a while now. Sweet Mantra’s specialty is 3D cakes hand carved in the shape of whiskey/beer bottle, can, mug or even a hookah! Not only that, we hand paint the alcohol brand logo/labels and the designs on hookah cake. Thus making our Hookah, Beer theme cake a work of art and something really unique. These cakes are also good to celebrate your friends promotion, onsite return or project success at work.


Is weed your friends newfound comfort? We can even carve out a 3D birthday cake in the shape of weed! Jack Daniels cake, Old Monk bottle cake, Beer mug barrel cake, Vodka bucket cake, Sheesha cake, Joint cake etc. Our stunning hookah, beer theme cake will surely be the center of attraction at your party in Pune.