Bike, Car

Is your loved one crazy about bikes and cars or planning to buy a new one? How about surprising them with their favorite bike or car theme cake on their birthday! At Sweet Mantra, we make 3D sculpted cakes in the shape of cars or 3D fondant bike models. Look no further for a stunning Bike, Car theme cake in Pune.


Our Royal Enfield bike theme cakes are the most popular in Pune. We hand carve the 3D bike model out of fondant and then hand paint it to resemble the original bike. It takes almost a day to make one. We also make 3D cakes in the shape of cars. These are hand carved out of regular shaped cakes based on the 3 dimensional views of the original car design. Jaquar, Mercedes, Honda, Toyota, Royal Enfield, Apache, Suzuki are some of the brands for which we have made unique Bike, Car theme cake designs in Pune. Guess what? You can also preserve our edible 3D bike, car figures as a souvenir for atleast a year!! Remember to ask for instructions at the time of delivery/pickup.